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Reporting phrase specific issues

When I report that my answer should have been accepted, how can I check what the result of that report has been?

May 12, 2013



If your suggestion is accepted, you'll get an email about it.

However, I've only got emails about suggestions submitted through "Report → My answer should be accepted". I've also sent tons of reports like "The translation does not look natural", "The audio does not sound correct" or "Other" with my own comments and I've never got any feedback on those. The team says they read every single report, though, so I keep sending reports of all types.


I too get confused there is no accent mark in my iPad help


Hold your finger on a virtual key and you'll see accented letters.

P.S. Your comment is hardly about reporting phrase specific issues. Please kindly post your comments in relevant threads or create a new thread to ask a question.


Thanks for this. I've sent around 30 reports of that nature (My answer should be accepted) and am yet to receive any emails concerning them so perhaps it just takes a while to go through the system.

Or perhaps as I haven't received any emails then this means that my suggestions have not been accepted?


Either they have not seen your suggestions yet or they have not accepted them. They don't send emails if they don't accept.

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