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The list of documents waiting for translation and the progress of translation (percentage of completion)

My goal here is to learn a new language and I really appreciate Duolingo providing such a good, interesting, and helpful platform for me. I also realise Duolingo has its own goal too, which is to translate the Web and so that the rest of the world can share the knowledge without having to learn the language. So I support the purpose of translations and I do it every now and then.

It could be just me but I prefer finishing things that I have started. Although I appreciate the nice animation of the website with AJAX, I find it difficult to find articles that I attempted sometime ago and stopped because I was not at the level to complete the whole article. It is also not easy to find out how much of an article I have translated.

Therefore, I would really appreciate Duolingo implement an easier interface that I can find all the articles I have attempted and my progress for that article. I personally think that the old conventional way of showing the number of pages is a good place to start with, but it's all up to you Duolingo developers.

August 15, 2012



Off-topic: on a not so related topic, I have the same feeling towards the new "Vocabulary" page. From time to time, I just want to check up certain words but I cannot just search for it on the vocab page or find it in an easy and organised way. It kind of defeats the purpose of the vocab page. I was hoping it would replace the spreadsheet I am using, but I still end up having to go back to my spreadsheet.


A nice feature to have would be the ability to export the vocab page to a CSV.


click on "translations" at the top, then click on the tab that says "your translations"


Thanks but that doesn't really address the issue. As I have attempted at many translations (because of the suggestions made by Duolingo next to the lessons), there is a huge list of articles even in the category of "Your translations". If I want to go back to an article that I first attempted more than 6 months ago, I have to wait for the list to populate instead of simply clicking, say, page 10. I think this is rather not user-friendly.

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