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Latin VS Other languages

For all you people who are learning other languages in addition to latin, do the voice recordings for latin sound wierd and homemade compared to other languages? Lemme know if you think so too!

June 16, 2020



Only the Latin woman voice sounds homemade to me, and there are courses that also have voice recordings like this. Then again, hers is certainly much better than having nothing else, or having no variety at all!


It definately sounds strange if you learned Latin in Germany :-) as far as I know, there are no or not many native speakers so every speaker talks a bit with his own accent. For example in the swahili course there are also no computer generated voices but they are authentic and the quality of the recording is better.


true it think its the people who contributed


yes, they definitely do!

[deactivated user]

    I never noticed that!


    The voices in most courses are not recordings of real people, just TTS generated voices. The voices for Latin were actually recorded by real people.


    Good point! Have a lingot!


    Absolutely. I have studied latin for five years and my native language is Italian, which pronunciation is the closest to Latin. The recorded voices have other accents and they try a sort of camuflage being more emphatic . The result is quite bizzare.

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