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Uploading Translation Documents- Copyright?

I'm not sure what Duolingo means specifically when it says: "You must own the copyright or have the necessary rights for any content you upload." I mean I understand that I need that but... do you have ask the person who made the website if you can use their site as a translation document on Duolingo? I mean it's not like you can even plop a little "No copyright intended" anywhere either... sooo... what EXACTLY is the protocol for uploading Translation Documents? How can I 'acquire the necessary rights' for any content uploaded? Have any of guys done it before and if so how?

May 12, 2013



I have the same questions. I wanted to upload an article from Spiegel but stopped after I saw this copyright warning. Of course I don't own any copyright for Spiegel articles.


Have you tried something like contacting Spiegel, and asking for permission to upload their articles on this site?


No, I just don't feel like contacting every resource and wait for permission when I want to read or translate an article.


I was thinking more of finding large content creators (like news sites) and make a deal where we get to upload any of their articles here without asking. (This is getting a little out there), but maybe asking a site if they want a Spanish (or something) version of their website, and future articles, and we automatically upload them.

(Though it's a bit far fetched)


It is my opinion is that DL wants you own the copyright; something you have written yourself, or something in the public domain.


I would also like to know the correct protocol for acquiring permissions to use articles with copyright's. Plagiarism is not acceptable in the academic world and this topic needs to be enlarged upon to protect your duolingo students. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter a hand..


I agree; I posted this question months ago and there is still not a clear resolution. In my opinion, this should be a high priority to continue to improve site content. I'm sure there are many legal gray areas but any direction would help even if it is using extreme examples for generalizations.


Doesn't Wikipedia have an open use policy?


I guess it has, and there are a lot of Wikipedia articles here. I think you can upload any Wikipedia article you want.

Personally, I don't like translating Wikipedia. There are too many names, dates and titles. Personal blogs or magazine articles would be great, but these have the problem of copyright that is discussed in this thread.


Actually they have, but the license ask to name all authors, so it's a bit tricky. And then the question remains: How to transfer back the translated page to the Wikipedia while following the licencing rules imposed by the project. Maybe Duolingo should speak to Wikimedia directly and see if the software can be done just that the needed list of authors is uploadable to Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia directly.


It would be nice if Duolingo had a place where we could send a copy of the e-mail we get giving permission to upload the web page to Duolingo. I just uploaded my first, and I kept wondering, "Will they believe I actually have this permission?"


I have the same dilemma . stopped in my tracks

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