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"My husband and I were good teachers."

Translation:Meu marido e eu fomos bons professores.

May 12, 2013



Why wouldn't it accept "Meu marido e eu fomos professores bons"? I thought that regularly adjectives come after the noun


I'm having the same problem!


Let some magic force from the cosmis space help me to understand these portuguese past tense verbs.. OMMMMMM


Kkkk, I so relate. Just when you think you got it... WRONG.


This is six years ago I see now. Are you fluent already?


Why not 'professores bons' ?


I tried "professores bons" and got dinged at. Check this out: https://portuguesewitheli.com/brazilian-portuguese-grammar/using-portuguese-adjectives/ When the adjective is placed before the noun it shows intrinsic value. It says they are intrinsically good teachers. Putting bons afterwards means the goodness is momentary or temporary. I can conclude that the verb "were" indicates they've been good for some time, so one could conclude they are intrinsically good.


Why can't I say o marido instead of meu marido? Other exercises did that, and i thought that if there's no possessive it means the sentence is referring to a family member, aka my husband (not someone else's)


Why not meu esposo


o seu deu errado colocando esposo? Eu acho q estaria correto como tradução de "my husband" (tbm existe a palavra "spouse" mas nesse caso a tradução melhor é cônjuge)

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