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  5. "Eles foram meninos."

"Eles foram meninos."

Translation:They were boys.

May 12, 2013



Is it like in Spanish? : the past of SER and the past of IR are the same in Spanish. The conjugation button showed me the verb to go (IR) when I clicked to see the conjugation of FORAM. Thank you for helping me.


Yes, it is exactly the same, the past tenses for «ir» and «ser». XD


Yeah, the verbs "ser" and "ir" have the same conjugations either in Spanish and Portuguese :)


Ola! Where does one find "the conjugation button"? If "foram" is the past tense of "ser" = "to be" then I understand how "foram can translate to "were". But if it is the past tense of "ir" = "to go", translating it as 'were" makes no sense to me at all. Am I understanding this correctly?


Here on Duo, it used to be that if you clicked on a verb it would show you a conjugation table for the verb. Duolingo no longer offers that option

Anyway, it's just that "eles foram" can mean either "they went" or "they were" because both of these verbs are conjugated the same way for this tense . Only context will tell you which verb is being translated.

Check out this conjugation table for "ir": http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-portuguese-verb-ir.html

Now check out this conjugation table for "ser" http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-portuguese-verb-ser.html

You will note that the conjugation for Pretérito Perfeito is the same for both verbs (ser and ir)

To conclude: "They went boys" doesn't make any sense, so you know that "Eles foram meninos" means "They were boys"


Hi DL.....should this sentence not be "Eles erem meninos" using the imperfect indictive? I thought and taught the perfect indictive was for short peroids of time or recent happenings? Do you have anything to clarify the difference? Thanks :)


«Eles eram meninos.» is the imperfect tense, which emphasizes the action that they were for a long time and might still be boys. The above sentence «Eles foram meninos.», though, emphasizes the finality of it. They once were boys. Now, they are not. It is hard to explain. I hope this helped.


They were boys, but now they are adults and have many duties.


So.. You could say they turned from boys to men?

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