"Aquele foi o gol mais bonito de sua carreira."

Translation:That was the most beautiful goal of his career.

May 12, 2013

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It's a superlative sentence because of the definite article:

‘Aquele foi o gol mais bonito de sua carreira.’

For comparison:*

‘Este gol é mais bonito que o de Diego?’

= ‘Is this goal more beautiful than Diego's?’

* See what I did there?


Isn't it 'more beautiful', and not 'most beautiful'?


No, this sentence is superlative (o mais bonito) well....if it helps you (or even makes you happier) some brazilians also find it difficult to conjugate the past tense of some verbs (ex: Pôr- put - quite a few people conjugate it wrongly)...


Is there any reason it's aquele rather than esse?


I think it's to do with "distance" and aquele means the time frame (or just possibly the place if now) in which the goal was scored is distant.


I never thought about time frame. I didn't understand why I was failed on a previous question for the same thing, maybe that was it.


When I wrote my earlier reply it made sense to me that "aquele" was the best word to use, however, if you had just witnessed the most beautiful goal of his career then I guess "esse" would work. Hopefully, Paulenrique will chime in.


Exactly! You got the point Davu! =)


Except the Brazilian equivalent of John Motson would surely say, "Esse é o gooooooooool mais bonito de sua carreira" if it had just happened.


Why sua is his and not her


"her" should also be accepted.

[deactivated user]

    Why isn't "da carreira" used since we are specifying a particular person's career?


    Did you mean "de sua carreira"? Someone would probably not leave the possessive out.

    [deactivated user]

      I meant to write "da sua carreira" Can we use that since we are talking about a specific person?


      Sure. It is even more common. But both work equally.


      So in this particular sentence the we are talking about the goal of 'his' career. How about a goal in 'your' career? would the sentence be the same? Or does 'de' become 'da' in that case?


      It would be expressed the same way.


      That was the nicest goal of his career - not good enough??????


      That was the best looking goal of your career. I think this should be allowed.


      OK, why won't this pass either? That goal was the most beautiful of your career

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