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  5. "The boy sees the mother."

"The boy sees the mother."

Translation:Taoba muñe urnes.

June 16, 2020



Whats the difference between urnes and urnen?


The subject of the sentence. "urnes" is "he/she/it sees", "urnen" is "I see".


To quote the tips:

High Valyrian verbs agree with their subjects in number and person. For now, you'll see endings for the third person singular (he, she, it) and plural (they), as well as the first person singular (I). Pay special attention to when a verb ends with -sa vs. -za vs. -as in the third person singular, as not all verbs consistently take the same ending.

We see glimpses of the same phenomenon occur in English ("I see" vs "She sees"). When the subject is the singular first person, urnen is used: muñe urnen "I see the mother." In the examples below the subject pronouns are missing; this is common in High Valyrian because the verb endings are sufficient to distinguish them.

  • Muñe urnen "I see the mother"
  • Muñe urnē "You (singular) see the mother"
  • Muñe urnes "She sees the mother"
  • Muñe urnī "We see the mother"
  • Muñe urnēt "You (plural) see the mother"
  • Muñe urnesi "They see the mother"
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