"I have straight hair."

Translation:J'ai les cheveux raides.

June 16, 2020

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Why the use of "les" before "cheveux" — in a previous exercise within this same set, Duo said to always use "des" before plural nouns if the number is indefinite. Isn't "cheveux" a plural noun of indefinite number?? Please help.


I had the same confusion...


Me too. Two exercises today, same problem. There must be some logic to it but I can't discern it


Ok...so I know I was confused a couple months ago, but I think I have it...you say "les" because ALL your hair is straight. just like you would say les ours sont animaux, because all bears are animals... You would use des when the specific amount doesn't matter, BUT you aren't trying to say all of something. je prendre des oeufs. you will have some eggs, or you will have eggs. the amount isn't specific, but you clearly wouldn't want ALL the eggs...I hope this helps? There was a good discussion on this topic either on the Duo facebook page or one of these other discussion boards, but I can't find the link..


can you use raides for, example, going straight ahead?


no, straight ahead is "tout droit""


When would you use les cheveux lisses?

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