"Tha mo ghàirdean goirt ach chan eil e briste."

Translation:My arm is sore but it is not broken.

June 16, 2020

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i find 'gàirdean' really difficult cause it sounds like it should be the plural. is the plural just the same with a broad end?


I think the plural is gàirdeanan. Yeah Gaelic plurals are a bit all over the place.


Why was it e for this example and i for your sore leg?


Yes. I have the same question, and I'm sorry to see you posted this question 3 months ago and there's been no explanation. Is gairdean feminine or masculine? Is it feminine, but maybe it's OK to use "i" because the noun is feminine (maybe), and also OK to use "e" as a general "it" pronoun for nouns of either gender? One wonders....


Gàirdean sounds similarly to chàirdean to me.


Kudos to the person speaking. I listened several time to this just to enjoy it.

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