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Stuck up with the same lesson

On the last slide of a lesson, when I click 'Continue', it does not take me anywhere. When I go to 'Home', it takes me to the same lesson. Doomed to do it again and again.

August 15, 2012



You can also try using a different browser. I have been using Google Chrome and it hasn't caused any issues yet. You may try firefox as well. Delete all cookies and try once again.


Default support answer, try turning it off and on again (close the browser window and log back in)


lol You're in Duolingo hell. You could also try restarting your computer. When I have odd problems, that works for me.


Thanks All for your answers :)


the same happened to me, managed to get over it in basics 1 by first translating the web documents, but now that i am on basics two i am stuck again!!! even after spending time translating the web docs... anybody have any ideas?


I am stuck in Possessives on the last slide of the lesson. Twice, the continue button would not work. It starts me at the beginning again. Using Safari on new Macbook with Mountain Lion.


I'm still having that problem. I emailed duolingo about the problem a few weeks ago, and when I followed up yesterday, they say they are still working on it. darn it! (I tried other browsers - that's not the solution.)


Thank you very much vineeth7 for the browser suggestion. I was stuck in a loop until I tried using Chrome instead!

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