I have been on a 100+ day streak doing the bare minimum as I know if you binge they punish you with hearts.

Today I find they have removed my gems and replaced with hearts.

Not impressed and thinking about removing the app altogether. I'm not using it enough to justify paying a monthly fee especially given the current climate.

Dirty tricks Duolingo. You advertise daily that it's free and yet I'm being pressured into paying.

June 16, 2020


Can you try opening up the browser version of Duolingo on your phone? My desktop version uses lingots and has no heart system holding me back. It looks like you have put a lot of time into the Scottish Gaelic course, especially, so I hope things work out for you so you can still study here with us, your fellow Duolingo learners.

Hi, thanks for the tip. I did but unfortunately it keeps pushing me back onto the app once I start which is annoying. I may try removing the app and just doing through desktop.


That's what some other people said, too -- that they had to remove the app to get it to go to desktop.

Don't click the icons in the bottom bar. Click on your profile icon in the top right to go to your profile page, then select the flag at the top left. This way doesn't open the app.

Hi. This forum is looked after by volunteers from the Gaelic course. You would maybe have a better chance of this being seen if it is posted in the general forums. It is not likely to be seen by Duo staff here. Tapadh leat.

I wouldn't know where to look or find general forums as I assumed this was it. I took the app off which seems to have stopped the heart nonsense.

Why is this posted to the Scottish Gaelic specific board? This seems like a general complaint you need to put in general discussion or contact customer services with, not bother the volunteers of this course with, when they have zero control over the mechanics of the website.

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