"Isn't my face beautiful?"

Translation:Nach eil m' aodann bòidheach?

June 16, 2020

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I thought that masculine things, such as aodann, were described as beautiful with àlainn, and feminine things with brèagha. As in Loch Àlainn (Lochaline), the town in Morvern across from Mull, and boireannach bhrèagha. Is bòidheach an adjective used for both genders?


Looking them up, brèagha and bòidheach can both be used with either gender. And I find examples of àlainn with either gender too, so I'm pretty sure none of them are specific to gender.


Why do so many of the audio files not work... Please can playing each one be part of the app testing procedure?


Chan eil fios agam mu d ’aodann ach tha do ghuth brèagha!

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