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how do I turn speech function back on?

I turned my speech function (when I speak into the computer to answer) off because I was in public. Now I want to turn it back on and do not know how. Any advice would be much appreciated!

August 15, 2012



I just figured it out! Just in case anyone else has this problem, here is the answer: go to your screen name and select "settings" from the drop down menu. There will be a choice to turn microphone "on" or "off."


Is it true that you can't turn this function back on after a while? I used to practice on my phone for a few months, without microphone. Now I'm practicing on my laptop, and the microphone is on, but still I don't get any speech training...


If you're in Chrome and your microphone is on and the feature still isn't working, clear your cookies; that will make the speaking exercises come back again.


This worked for me. Thank you!


Only works in Chrome for me, I've been using Safarin and the Microphone option is not available in this browser

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