"A bheil i sgòthach?"

Translation:Is it cloudy?

June 17, 2020

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Do Gaelic questions inflect like English questions do? Do they inflect at all?


What do you mean by ‘questions inflecting’, what kind of inflection do you have in mind? Can you show any examples of this in English? It would make it easier to understand your question and provide an answer.


Certainly. I refer to vocal inflection. Commonly an English speaker's voice will rise in pitch towards the end of a question. I refer mainly to that.


Then no. Gaelic doesn’t change the intonation to form questions (or emphasis), it uses the same falling intonation for both. The exception being echo questions (which just repeat a statement but with rising intonation).

See this discussion.


Wow, I got it right (although at first it sounded like "isn't he dora").

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