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you did it right but you got it wrong?

Anybody have a problem like this? I am doing prepositions and was asked to listen to a statement and then answer in French text. I answer in French and I am told that I am answering in the wrong language. I am not allowed to forfeit the question and move on. Heip!

May 12, 2013



Try turning listening off for that lesson.


I will try that . Thanks.


Could let let us know which lesson you had this problem, and if you remember, what you were asked to write? We'll look into this. Thanks!


It wasm French prepositions, lesson 4 around 3/4 of the way through. I had to listen to a statement in French and then write it in French. I am sorry thatI do not remember the exact question. Thank you for your help.


Hi! I took a look. If you type the correct solution, it should never tell you that you wrote in the wrong language - it only looks for this if your answer is considered wrong by the system.

That said, there are French answers that look like English if you don't include accents. For example, "Pour plus de détails" if written as "pour plus the details" would trigger the "wrong language" alert, but "pour plus the détails" would not. If you encounter this again, try putting accents where they're needed, but know that your answer is probably not correct:( You can also purposefully type in a wrong answer if you don't know it to "skip" it.


Thank you. It makes sense. I did type in just "je" only but it did not work. I will be really careful about the accents. Thanks again for all your help.

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