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Started learning Hindi first time!

[deactivated user]

    Hi guys! AlishaUnicorn here! So basically, I started learning Hindi when I used Duolingo the first time. I was actually a beginner at this but with the help of feedback, I can track my progress each time I learn Hindi on Duolingo.

    I wasn't actually sure if this kind of tactic actually works, but still, it reinforces my language learning skills.

    So thank you Duo for this amazing Hindi course!

    AlishaUnicorn (former Plus subscriber)

    June 17, 2020



    I'm Indian and also fluent at speaking Hindi but terrible at reading and writing.

    [deactivated user]

      Just give it a try. You'll master reading and writing in no time at all. Just read some Hindi books and try to understand the concept of the text.


      I have mastered the hindi tree. It is not so hard. If you keep at it, it will finsih fast. I finished in 2 weeks


      Yes, but I want to go further but the course does not seem to offer anything more. I am repeating the learning process to keep in and hoping that more lessons will be added in future.


      Roger, I have finished the Hindi course and spent a lot of time repeating the process just to keep in, I suggest that you reset the course and start over again, as it is so enjoyable doing the course the second time around as the lessons are so much clearer, also try the reverse tree, there are more trees and so much more new words


      Thanks Oliver, Yes I'm doing the same and still getting some answers wrong! - so it's a good process. By reverse you mean doing Hindi/English tree? Thanks your feedback.


      Roger, yes Hindi/English tree. There are so many new words and it also helps with writing in Devanagari script (with the use of a tool)


      OK, which tool do you recommend ?


      The only thing I know is that it's easier than arabic.

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