"The king and the queen will dance all night."

Translation:Le roi et la reine danseront toute la nuit.

June 17, 2020

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Is there a difference in expressing "all night" vs. "Every night"? Can "la nuit entiére" be used? Is "every night" expressed with the plural? "Toutes les nuits"


"Every night" in French is "Toutes les nuits" ("nuit" is feminine), so, yes, "every night" is expressed with the plural. According to Duo, you can also say (or write) "Tous les soirs" to mean "every night." "All night" is Toute la nuit" (expressed with the singular). I don't know about "la nuit entière."


Tout le soir = toute la nuit ?!!!

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In French, le soir often means night as the night starts when we go to bed.

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