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"Eu gosto do cheiro dos livros velhos."

Translation:I like the smell of the old books.

August 2, 2014



Shouldn't "I like the smell of old books" be the translation of "Eu gosto do cheiro de livros velhos?" 'de' in stead of 'dos'. With 'dos' I would expect the translation to be: "I like the smell of the old books." Including the article 'the'.


Whether the definite article should be translated is a constant issue. In this case, even if "of old books" is correct, there can be no doubt that "of the old books" should have been accepted.


In the reverse sentence discussion, users Paulenrique and brmarcio write that using the definite article in Portuguese means that you are referring to specific books. In other words, there is apparently nothing arcane or mysterious going on with this sentence, merely that it appears the translation of this sentence is suboptimal at present.

Paulenrique (MOD) writes:
"dos" = (of) the > that is, you are talking about specific books, which is not the case here.

brmarcio writes:
[...] You shouldn't use "dos" unless you're specifying the books. [...]


  • ... de livros velhos.
    ... of old books.
  • ... dos livros velhos.
    ... of the old books.

Reverse sentence discussion:


Yes, that's it. "Dos livros" here sounds less usual to me, since we tend to say "de livros velhos". But, if you are at a library and then you talk about the smell of the old books in a specific department, you can say "Eu gosto do cheiro dos livros velhos", referring to those books.


It's good Duolingo used books and not other objects ;)


Eu também gosto do cheiro dos livros velhos e também dos novos. lol


Does the word scent work here?


''i like the smell of the old books'' should be accepted, as dos livros can be the books, not just books, in a sentence.


Agora eu sei o que vou dizer em um restaurante brasileiro. "Eu gosto do cheiro da comida". :)


Brazilian food is really good ♥ =)

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