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The language of baking across Europe (UK Open University free learning resource)

If you like breads, cakes and tarts, this is a fun learning resource. The page is a bit slow to load initially so be patient. You will be presented with a map of Europe, click on one of the flags and be presented with around 10 regional dishes from France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, etc. Each language has some short spoken videos - the voice is much clearer that Duolingo - an audio transcript, plus further details in English and the selected language. Please feel free to link or repost to other language streams if you like it. I recommend having a coffee or tea at the same time for maximum enjoyment! http://www.open.edu/openlearn/languages/the-language-baking-across-europe#

August 2, 2014



You're welcome - I see they have fixed the Dutch flag!

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