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"Qual è la data del tuo compleanno?"

Translation:What is the date of your birthday?

May 12, 2013



I don't think that "What is the date of your birthday?" is very good English. "When is your birthday?" would suffice.


You are right that the translation to English does not sit comfortably as it is a fairly literal translation. However it helps us to understand the way Italians construct their sentences and this is very useful. There is also a very clear distinction between "qual è" (what is) and "quando" (when) Hope this helps :)


Yes, but if we are asked to translate something into English then we shouldn't be penalised for actually translating it into English rather than some weird unidiomatic translationese.


In that case, it should provide the word-for-word translation as an alternate solution, but accept the correct English wording. Part of good language teaching/learning is to recognize that half the time, sentences do not translate literally and to be able to quickly translate one to the other without having to think about those work arounds.


Is it incorrect to say "Cos'e la data del tuo compleanno?"


Yes, because it would mean "What thing is the date of your birthday"


where did "thing" come in. Also I thought cos'e is "what is" but someone mention qual'e is what is. Can someone explain please? Thanks


"Qual è" is more literally "which is", but in English "which" and "what" are often interchanged in this context. From my understanding, "cos'è" is a non-specific "what is", as in "what is happening." "Qual è" is a more specific "which/what is", refering to a certain group or amount of something, i.e. "which [of the days of the year/month/etc] is the date of your birthday?" or "which [of these foods] is your favourite?"


"qual è" is not "what is" but "which is".


Good question...i didnt think of that but when does one know how to use qual è vs cos è


Quale is which. Cosa is what. Any problem is with lazy use of which, when and what rather than with the more logical Italian.


good point, but it should not mark it wrong. We also could argue that translating it to the proper/fluent way in English demonstrate that we really understand the sentence in Italian, and we are not making a mechanical, word for word translation.


What is the "clear" distinction? It would be very useful to know when use which.


I agree. I think "What is the date of your birth?" should also be accepted.


I have to agree here. No native English speaker would say, "What is the date of your birthday?" We ask, "When is your birthday?" . A literal translation doesn't reflect how we speak.


I agree i even typed what is yoyr birthdate and got it wrong



Is it also correct to translate this to be, "What is your birthday's date?"?

Grazie per le spiegazioni


We would not use birthday with date. "What is your birth date?" could work, but we prefer to say "date of birth" to differentiate it from "birthday". However, for us the date of birth includes the year. If we are asking about just the day and month, we would ask "When is your birthday?"

We could ask "What is the date of your birthday party?", but again we would more likely ask "When is your birthday party?"


The purpose of this lesson is to learn how to use "data" and the correct structure of an Italian sentence. Never mind whether that makes perfect English or not.


I agree. The so-called correct translation is not what native English speakers would say.


in Italian we use "Qual'è la data del tuo compleanno?" (literally "which is the date of your birthday?", as in out of 365 days if you know what I mean. That explains why "which") but keep in mind that generally which means "quale", what means "che" or "cosa", and when means "quando". Nevertheless there are exceptions in Italian (a lot actually) and I guess this is one of those. I hope it helps


For us, in English, (California, USA) that is "Which day of the year is your birthday?" (although we would not say it that way, see BlancaMoni1 below) and date is more commonly used to include the year that you were born.


That is not common. It's either "when is your birthday" or "what is your date of birth". The latter being more formal and a closer translation to the Italian.


why is "qual'è la data del tuo compleanno?" wrong ? I don't really get the difference between "qual'è" and "qual è".


"q̶u̶a̶l̶'̶è̶" is always wrong
proper italian is "qual è" (without apostrophe)
however it is a fairly common mistake among italian native speakers (I'm italian)


I also put this. TheFlyingCelt, above, seems to be a native Italian speaker and uses that spelling.


In English we never say "what is the dare of your birthday!! "though it is correct but it is not common. What is your birth date? Is more correct gramatically and more comon.


this is my cut and pasted answer, which was marked wrong... am I missing something? "qual'è la data del tuo compleanno?" The only thing I see different is the space in the correct answer, indicating it wasn't written as a contraction... is mine wrong? Someone who knows, please help me understand this. THANK YOU! Grazie!


Proper italian is: "qual è...?", but I think that 90% of Italians write "q̶u̶a̶l̶'̶è̶" (including me)


Again, duo is inconsistent here. An English speaker would not say "What is the date of your birthday". The correct TRANSLATION would be "When is your birthday"


If duo wants "how old are you" for " Quanti Anni hai" which I agree is correct, then duo should accept "what is your birthday" for Qual e la data del tuo compleanno". Inconsistent. It makes you literally translate one over what an English speaker would actually say, but on the other it rejects the literal.

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Thomas Jefferson's birthday is April 13th. His date of birth (more common than "birth date") is April 13, 1743.


What is happy birthday translated into Italian ?


Buon compleanno = Happy birthday

Tanti Auguri = Many wishes...


quando è tuo compleanno? is it wrong?


I think it should be "...il tuo compleanno".


What I thought...anybody want to shed light on this?


I agree with everyone stating 'When is your birthday' should be correct (just for the records)


'When is your birthday' should be correct


I think "When is your birthday?" should be accepted as well


From my foggy Latin, compleanno means the day where you finish a year and begin a new one, that's why it can't be the date of your birth :)

(annus, annui, year and compleo means to fill)


Yes, but this came to mean birthday, because you start your year when you are born and end and start the next one every year thereafter.


"What is your date of birth" should be correct.


We shouldn't have to have so much discussion about English (I blame Duolingo not you guys, for not having a wider range of accepted answers)


We are having so much discussion about English indeed, and I blame the users for it. The sentence they want Duolingo to accept won't be accepted and it's no use to repeat the same question over and over and over again. This discussion is 4 years-old and still today people keep insisting on it.


I put "What day is your birthday?" rather than translating it literally, and Duolingo accepted it. Is this really the common way of saying it in Italian?


What is wrong with "when is your birthday? Fix it please!


He means what in the form of which one, we as English people like to think they are synonymous sometimes.


Sorry dear mangoHero I don't get your point. When you translate a phrase to any language, you should not do it word by word. The whole concept is important, otherwise you can never speak property.


"What is the date of your birth" is incorrect? Because "Qual è la data del tuo natale"


Well when she says it slowly, at least it sounds like she's having fun!


Why does "What is your birth date" not work?


I also agree. We would not say What is the date of your birthday... Hopefully, the admin are watching this. I will submit it as well


Why is " What is your birth date?" not accepted by DL. I told DL my answer should have been accepted. Was I wrong?


Please correct the mistake. As it has been pointed out before, the correct answer is 'when is your birthday?' not 'what date is.....' If you don't want more clutter then fix the problem so we don't have to repeat something that has been previously addressed. Thank you!


It's not a English lesson though. The translation is there help learn the Italian way of speaking.


The problem is that forcing us to translate literally doesn't actually do that. Until I read through the comments I assumed that the sentence was to teach us the word data and "when is your birthday" would actually be "quando e il tuo compleanno". Had it accepted my answer of "when is your birthday", which is how it would be said in English, I would have understood that this is a case of Italian sentence structure being different. In other words, sometimes the best way to teach another language's sentence structure is to translate it to what would actually be said in the native language, rather than literally.


I completely agree with you that we are here to learn the language how Italians would speak it. But what I want to understand is, is there any other way of speaking the same sentence in a correct manner


Can I say: "Quando è il tuo compleanno"?, I mean, it has exactly the same meaning, isn't it?


Why '' what is your birthday date '' is incorrect ?


"Quando è il tuo compleanno?" could be translated as "When is your birthday?" correct? For those who want it to sound less formal.


why not? "what is your birthday date?


I wouldn't object to it, though it is more common to say "birthdate"


What is your birthday date? Marked as incorrect... is it really?


You never ask that way in english


Why does it not accept "What is the date of your birth?" This sentence is English is very awkward.

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Wouldn't "date of birth" be "fecha de nacimiento"? "Compleano" is "birthday" (happens every year as opposed to happens once when you are born).


When is your birtdhay is proper English


But is a more vague question than the Italian version. "WHEN is your birthday?" could mean "What month?" or "What day next week?". The Italian question was specifically asking for the date.


Come on: "What is your birth date?" is much better English.


So i have scanned through the comments here, birthdate or date of birth really need to be accepted. It's an English idiom, just like we have to know the Italian idioms. If someone said to me "what is the date of your birthday" I would look at them like they are crazy. It's not unlike "Allow myself to introduce...myself." It's awkward and bad.

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I agree that the given English answer is terrible. "Date of your birthday" is never used. "Date of birth" and just "birthday" are both fine in English, but not necessarily the same. "Date of birth" happens once and includes the year. "Birthday" is normally the anniversary of date of birth" (month and day, but no year). However, some people also use it as synonymous to "date of birth" (and others violently disagree with that use).

In Italian, these correspond to ""fecha de nacimiento" and "compleano," but there is no crossover usage between them as some do in English. Someone willing to use "birthday" for both the original event and the anniversary could use that word as a translation for either of the Italian phrases. "Date of birth" could only be used as a translation for the first one. Since this sentence in Italian uses the phrase that exclusively means the annual anniversary, "date of birth" should not be accepted as a translation of it.


Based on this logic, (and I will concede to you on the date of birth point), the best English answer, totally idiomatic, would be "when is your birthday". I know it doesn't correspond with "Cual" but is really the only question we use in English that matches what this is looking for in Italian.

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I agree completely. Some have said that "qual" means "which" and the Italian would need to be "che", "cosa", or "che cosa" to translate to "what." The problem is that common English uses "what" for both sets. Again, some disagree violently with this and prefer using of "what" in the sense of "what sort of thing is this") and "which" in the sense of "which one of these known things is this". However, usage such as "What is your birthday?" is much more common than "Which day is your birthday?"


exactly...idioms work in both directions. An idiom can (and should be) translated into another idiom if it's the best way to express the same idea. In this case, the Italian word-for-word is the clunkier of the two sides. And you just actually stumbled upon a better word-for-word with your "which day is your birthday" idea. Too bad at least that wasn't advertised as the answer.


La data del mio compleanno è sei ottobre :-)


Not a correct English! !!


Are you stupid?

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