"A tiger is hiding in my house; I'm calling the zoo!"

Translation:Un tigre se cache chez moi, j'appelle le zoo !

June 17, 2020

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Is Un tigre se cache dans ma maison, j'appelle le zoo ! also a correct way to say this here?


accepted - 8/1/2020


11/5/20 "Dans ma maison" not accepted. "In my house" is more appropriate than "at my house" (chez moi) here, no?


dans ma maison soudé be accepted as an alternative to chez moi


Halfway through this lesson, EARTH LESSON 4/5, Duolingo resets. problem?

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I am curious regarding the action "call the zoo". -- Should one call the police or the zoo in such situation?

I do not believe there will ever be a tiger in my house, but there could be other big animals. I do not have the phone of any zoo and do not think they could be sufficient fast to help. The police should be the 1st one to call for help.


I missed one letter. Do they not tell you have a typo at times?


Sometimes I have totally gotten away with a mistake that they have called a typo, but usually if your typo actually makes another French word, they will give you an error response.

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