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Anyone else have problems with missing XP points?

Howdy, all!

To keep my students motivated during the last 4 weeks of school, I have been running a Duolingo competition. The top 3 students each week get treats or lunch delivered by me :)

All went well until last week when suddenly only 1 day of XP points showed up in the weekly report. I can see their LIFETIME total, but when I try to see between June 8-16, nothing shows up---even though I KNOW I saw the points earlier in the week.

Did anyone else have this problem? I have logged in and out. I have sent an email to Duolingo. I have clicked through all the different report dates and options.. but it's like June 9-16 doesn't exist.

Help, por favor!!

June 18, 2020

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CarolynMae, do you have a message that says "pending" next to the assignment? This is a bug I have seen twice this year that they are working on. I also know that due to high volumes, not everything shows up immediately. So I usually wait a day or three to put my weekly Duolingo grades into the gradebook. I will report this on the Educator's Network for you to get more eyes on it. While you are waiting for more responses, let us know here if it spontaneously and magically resolves itself.

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