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  5. "Zij loopt eronder."

"Zij loopt eronder."

Translation:She walks under it.

August 2, 2014



Is it not possible to say "She walks under there"?


It was accepted for me


Why is "She walks below it." wrong?


Can this be used to mean she walks from not underneath it to underneath it? In other words, can it indicate movement towards?


I think, she walks under a bridge?. I need to understand the sentence in my language!!!!!


In Belgian Dutch, "lopen" is "to run"; for "to walk", they say "wandelen". I am doing this lesson to understand "er", "eraan", "erbij" things; but it is considered as wrong because I don't speak Dutch like the people in the Netherlands?


Haha, in norwegian there is this "løpe" verb that means "run", and my dutch friend who is learning norwegian keeps saying it instead of "gå" which is "go/walk" :)


What is the difference between 'onder' and 'eronder' here?


Eronder and these er- words are like thereunder and the there- words in English. (Although for some stupid reason they only accept some of the there- words for translation.) And the there- words generally make reference to something previously mentioned. But this is one example sentence, so there is no chance for previous reference.

TL,DR - Eronder has more specificity.


It better not be a ladder.


I don't get it in the course sometimes lopen means running and sometimes it means walking, can you do something about it please.


Lopen is a bit of a tricky word. In general in the Netherlands if someone uses lopen they mean to walk (hence in any case where you see lopen you can always translate it as to walk).

However, sports related it can also mean to run e.g.

  • Ik loop een marathon - I run a marathon.

Some changes will be made regarding this, and some things already have been changed. Rest assured that our end priority is to provide consistency throughout the course. However, at the moment the main priority is going through all the reports that we currently have (which should fix a lot of issues) and in general develop/improve the course as well as help people with their questions.

As said, and to avoid possible frustration, you can always use to walk as a translation for lopen.


Thank you for your quick answer ! Ok then i'll always use walking instead of running.


Could you say she walks underneath it


Yes, "under" and "underneath" are practically the same.


can anyone tell me what's the difference between "eronder" and "hieronder"?


Is there any relationship between the word "lopen" in Dutch and "elope" in English?


Yes! They are cognates, both finding their roots in Proto-Germanic *hlaupan.


"Het is de brug en zij loopt eronder"

Is my sentence correct? Just another example. I need some corrections

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