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  5. "Fünf, sechs, sieben"

"Fünf, sechs, sieben"

Translation:Five, six, seven

August 2, 2014



Whenever I said this, it came up as "567" and marked it wrong. Anyone know how to fix this?


I had the exact same thing happen.


You need spaces. You answered fünfhundertsiebundsechsig


Michae030107, we know this! :)

We are trying to answer "Five, six, seven" but the problem described occurs when tries to use a microphone and Duolingo's speech recognition feature to practice pronunciation. If one said the words with a normal pause between numbers, it was interpreting that speech as if one had spelled out a word. Duolingo was ignoring the pauses even if we waited a few seconds between words.

There is a lot of advice on how to type from people who don't understand the question.


Try typing the words


Speaking exercises with numbers in general.. At this point i just turn off the mic just to finish! There are only so many times you can yell 'the boy eats 23 beetles' in german before you feel a little silly...


That's definitely not right. Better report it (or did you already?).



At the bottom left of the screen (on the correct/incorrect bar below the sentence) click "Report a problem".


Same thing happened for me...If you say Sechs, sieben then it will at least let you go on without losing a heart.


I stayed a lot of time in this lesson, so i've got an idea, i pronunciated "Fünf Komma sechs Komma sieben" and it accepted (Komma=comma ",")


exactly the same, happening every time, no way to pass without giving away a heart :(


If you say every words very slowly, it works! It took me quite a lot of time to guess!


you need spaces in between the numbers. Mason


If you add comma " , " between numbers ( like that 5, 6, 7 ) it will be accepted :))))


Why so late with the numbers lessons?


acht, neun, aus MIR SCHEINT DIE SONNE


Heir komme die sonne!


mispronounced sieben as sieb


Both the normal and the slow-motion have "sieben' as having only ONE syllable, the last syllable seemingly pronounced without revealing that "-en" is even part of the word.


Einige Kommentare sind "sieben" Monate alt. Der Übung ist kaputt!


It said "Fuenf" was a typo, but if one has no umlauts, isn't that the right way to express it?


What is "ine"? You can type ü on some computers by holding down "Alt"-key and typing "0252" but for some reason the numbers must be typed on the numeric keypad. Also Duolingo's screen should be showing you a "ü" button (unless your Caps lock is on or you are holding down the shift key) under the textbox you are typing into. Everytime you click that button, it should insert a "ü". (There are a few other buttons with other special characters).


I was on mobile though.


Good grief. I swear I heard this as "Fun, Sex, Semen". Duolingo has got to work on their pronunciation!


Your supposed to type "Five, Six, Seven" for its answer


Is there a specific rule stating when "ch" is pronounced like in "Ich", and when like a "k" as in the case of "sechs"?


I keep typing the german words when they give me the german words. I don't think about it, it feels like I'm doing it right because I know what it means. I hear it and then I type it out in german. And ironically when they speaks something out in german and ask me to repeat it, i translate it when they do not ask for a translation. These are the majority of my errors.


The sound of the six is like sound of the word sex, One, Zwei, drei, vier, f...;)


Fix your ❤❤❤❤❤❤-ass voice recognition

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