"Tu me recommandes un bon resto dans le quartier ?"

Translation:Can you recommend me a good restaurant in the neighborhood?

June 18, 2020

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The English translation here is just wrong!! The correct answer is: "Can you recommend to me a good restaurant in the neighborhood?"; or "Can you recommend a good restaurant in the neighborhood to me?" Reported: 6.18.20


haha, I wrote "can you recommend to me a good restaurant in this neighborhood?" as well. Not yet accepted. I reported as well, three weeks after you did.


It just accepted "Can you recommend to me a good restaurant in the neighborhood." (10 July 2021) It may have been changed since you entered yourpost, or quite possibly Duo may have rejected "this neighborhood". Since they rarely tell you what they think is wrong, it's hard to tell.


I would say that, "recommend me" is actually quite common, but it still sounds worse to me than, "recommend to me" so it's a bit ridiculous for them to not even accept it.


Most english speakers would say "can you recommend a good restaurant in the neighborhood". The "to me" is unnecessary and sounds awkward.


Yes, this is the most idiomatic of all the other learners' suggestions. Duo's version is idiotic, we all agree.


I don't agree. I prefer "to me", but " me must be included in the default translation. Why? Because the default translation is set up to be the English sentence for reverse translation in a later lesson. So it must include English "me" to cue students to use the French "me " that is required in the French sentence.

Also, as students, we are required to show that we can use all the French words. Therefore we must show that by including the word " me" in our translation.

There is much more to a French lesson than coming up with the "most natural" translation to the non-target language. I'm glad that Duo understands this, even though a few students just don't get it.


You will certainly earn an F in any university second language methodology course with that nonsense. I suppose the required English translation of, "Je ne la lui ai pas donnée" must be, "I not it to her have given" so that we can know the approximate syntax in French. Bizarre in the extreme!


Duo accepts that version.


"Can you recommend me. . ." improper English. "Can you recommend TO me. . . " which Duo says is incorrect. Curious - do native English speakers review the English sentences before posting? Aug. 27, 2020


Weird in English again, Duo.


Exactly, the English has to be "to me."


The English translation is for ... Peux-tu me recommander un bon resto dans le quartier. What happened to the part... CAN... in the English sentence?


"Can you recommend me a good restaurant..." is appallingly bad English grammar.


Would you recommend a good restaurant in the neighborhood? was accepted for this.


I agree that the English translation sounds awkward but is it essential to say "me recommandes" in French?


You can also recommend "for me" - reported some versions with this.


Who speaks this way. Hey- you recommend me a swell joint in this burg? American gangsters in the 1940s maybe. Let's drop all prepositions, shall we?


Agree. Bad English, Duo


Why is the "can you" implied? Is this one of those things that just is?


It is the way we ask questions in English. You could also start it with "Could you" or even "Would you".


'Can you recommend a good restaurant in the neighbourhood' was accepted. It seemed right to me, but I thought Duo would want the 'me' bit.

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