"Nos filles grandiront et elles iront au collège."

Translation:Our daughters will grow up, and they will go to middle school.

June 19, 2020

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What's a middle school?


It's a school between elementary and high school (lycee). Imagine children around 8 - 12 years old. Do NOT translate Collège as College, that's a decoy.


Only in the US. Everywhere else it would translate as 'college' and a college has students from prep (4 years old) to year 12. The American translation as well as everyone else's translation should both be accepted, don't you think?


Don't be daft. In the UK a college has students from 18 to 25 and up. Potentially much older if they linger over their PhD or start as mature students.

Many other nations have colleges in their tertiary education systems.

Australia, for example, has its TAFE colleges.


Yes we have TAFE, but they are Institutes, not colleges. Here is a link to one of them: https://www.boxhill.edu.au/ I taught at a college for many years, one of many with students from prep to year 12. Some are called grammar schools. Here are some just around Melbourne: https://www.goodschools.com.au/compare-schools/in-Melbourne-VIC Actually, my gripe is really that Duo translates collège exclusively as middle school when in other parts of the world that is just not true. The college I taught at had preps, a junior school, a middle school and a senior school.


Wait. Collège is "middle school"? In English, "college" and "university" are interchangeable. Does French have another words besides "Universite"?


"Our daughters will grow up, and go to middle school." is also accepted.


GraemeSarge do people really talk like this? it all sounds unnatural you will go They will grow..


Hi Premiermax. I'm sure Graeme will reply to your question, but in the meantime can you explain what sounds unnatural to you? Sounds completely normal to me.


I don't understand, either.


Closest French equivalent to Junior High.


So what is the French word for UK further education college - 16 up to 25 level below university.


I think it's "un établissement d'éducation supérieure", but that's merely what the dictionary says, reality may differ.

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