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  5. "Niemand wil negentig menu's."

"Niemand wil negentig menu's."

Translation:Nobody wants ninety menus.

August 2, 2014



Duo tells it like it is.


Why the apostrophe in menu's ?


If the noun ends with a, i, o, u or y then to make it plural you add 's.

Radio's Menu's Baby's etc


It's to show the vowel sound is still long. It's mostly in modern words or loanwords.


is he pronouncing "menu's" correctly ?


Just got audio only with him on this and couldn't figure out what mijnous was supposed to be. sigh Way to go new robot. And after I just complimented you on another one.


Both the old (female) voice and the new (male) voice (for those in the testing group) are off. The male pronounces it like meenuis if you ask me. I think the new male voice sounds natural for the vast majority of sentences, but sometimes he is clearly off.


Susande, I have many troubles trying to understand the new male voice, it's frustrating for me.


Yeah it definitely sounds like "meenuis".


exactly, " meenuis " is NOT the way to pronounce it !! I know because it is my home-language !


Susande, I just posted this in another discussion; this voice issue must be so frustrating for you! In a sentence like "De ministers gedragen zich onredelijk " the first part of the sentence is acceptable albeit rushed, but "onredelijk" is completely incomprehensible. This is the Ivona Ruben voice. If you listen to the sample: "Hallo, mijn naam is Ruben. Ik ben één van de stemmen van IVONA. Ik kan alles voorlezen wat u maar wilt. Voer hier een tekst in en klik op Play" it sounds beautiful (to me), complete with a natural sounding pause/break before "wat" and between "in" and "en"... if it can done with the sample it should possible with the Duo sentences... but it may take some time to hand "tweak" sentences.


Haha, I understood 'mijn huis'


No he's not, here you can hear the correct pronunciation: http://nl.forvo.com/search/menu/nl/


And 3 years later, Duolingo still haven't fixed it? This is a pretty major one and it crops up quite often in the questions.


Worst car boot sale ever.


Really? What if I had 89 other people with me? I'd think everyone would want a menu.... :/


it is about 1 person not a bunch of them. on your oen you cant eat 90 menus


I would be more concerned that you're eating a menu O.o


Does "menus" in this context mean the meal itself, then, rather than just the printed item that lists what the food is?


Menu's means the printed list of items


Het woord menu wordt voor de tweede keer verkeerd uitgesproken, het is geen menuis maar menuus. De eerste short way werd menu uitgesproken als meen.


Ah yeah, time to slide into the comments with some spicy MegaTen memes

There aren't many clear visual depictions of this biblical character somehow


Confused as to why it can't be "willen"? I guess just because in English it translates as "nobody wantS menus", it is not the same in Dutch. is it because no one means 0 people? but in English zero is referred to with plurals.


Niemand is n + iemand, or "nobody"/"noone" - both use the singular in English.


why "menu's" ? why not just "menus"?


Just one of the grammar rules.

If the noun ends in a, i, o, u or y it gets 's for its plural

opa's (grandads) taxi's (taxis) auto's (cars) menu's (menus) baby's (babies)

Why? it keeps the ending vowel long.

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