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how do you make students see their screen?

June 19, 2020



Hi MliaMonard,

A student's experience shouldn't be noticeably different from that of any other learner using Duolingo, except that on the desktop version they will see an overview of recent assignments:

The teacher's dashboard at schools.duolingo.com is only accessible to you as a teacher.

How do I find an assignment?



there only is the Home/Learn page on the web portal: www.duolingo.com (tree layout)

AFAIK the mobile Android/IOS apps do not have any special support for school classrooms (assignments).


The screenshot posted by Atervanda is from the Home/Learn page, from the web portal!


No, which one is the link to give to the students please just give me one


Are you asking how do the students log in? Once they are linked to your classroom by inputting their classroom code under "settings," then they can just go to www.duolingo.com and use the program normally. You'll be able to see their progress when you go to Duolingo for Schools.

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