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  5. "une deuxième chance" = "la" ?


"une deuxième chance" = "la" ?

I have been trying to find an explanation for this but I couldn't find any, so I wanted to ask you. I have seen that when there is "une chance" or "une deuxième chance" in a sentence, in the next one "la" is used instead of "en" to refer to it.

For example:

"Tout le monde mérite une deuxième chance et je vais te la donner."


"Tu mérites une chance et je vais te la donner."

Why is "la" used here to refer to "une deuxième chance" & "une chance" instead of "en"?

As far as I know, when there is "un" / "une" / "de" / "des", we use "en"?

So, is this incorrect?: "Je vais t'en donner une"?

Can this be an explanation (just my guess): "une chance" is an abstract term, so it is not counted as quantity, so we use "la" to refer to it?

I'm looking forward to your replies. Thanks in advance.

June 19, 2020



"Je vais t'en donner une" is indeed what you would expect after that sentence. Saying "je vais te la donner" instead sounds to me like everyone deserves exactly one second change and I am going to give you your only second chance, hence why it's definite.


Yes, this seems to me like it would translate to, "and I'm going to give it to you," rather than "and I'm going to give you one."

[deactivated user]

    But there can logically only be exactly ONE second chance. A further chance would be a third chance and so on. So it is indeed definite.

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