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  5. "We eat a cheap meal."

"We eat a cheap meal."

Translation:Wij eten een goedkope maaltijd.

August 2, 2014



After een should be an adjective without "e" at the end. Goodkoop. No?


Not for de-words. It is "de maaltijd".


I thought the reason it has an e at the end of goedkope is because the adjective comes in front of the noun. Is this not true?


It is one of the reasons: if the adjective doesn't come in front of the noun, it never gets the -e.

However, there is one case where the adjective does come in front and still doesn't get the -e. This is when the noun is a het-word and when it has an indefinite ("een") or no article.


Oh, okay, I think I get it. So most times in front of noun it will have a -e, except if it's like "een boek" or some other het word without actually having het in the sentence. That sound right?

So, "het goede boek" but then "een goed boek"?


Yes, precisely!


maal should also be correct


How do you know when to use maal or maaltijd?

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