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making duolingo like a game

It would be cool if duolingo could be like a game, like we have a little person or owl or something that can fly/walk around and with our coins that we earn we could by something with them and we could have a little house and stuff, I know that duolingo is not supposed to be like a video game or anything like that, but if it helps people to be motivated (which I think it would) then it would be pretty cool, tell me what you think.

May 12, 2013



This could work, but I think that the team should spend their time improving the language aspects of the site before they move on to other projects.


Yep @frenchlearner63, I fully agree. I'm nearly finished a blog post explaining how I think it is a game already and why I think that's great, which I will post on the discussion area here because I think it's fascinating to be learning language as if it was a game and I'd be interested to hear what others think.


Ok, I posted the promised (or threatened) blog post and started a discussion here: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/397863


I think that might be too distracting and they should work on getting new languges.


sounds good 4 ME


I agree with most of what Red_Rat_Writer said.The app's goal is to facilitate learning,language aspects are indeed very important.However developers shouldn't ignore one aspect to achieve another.I think the ideal plan would be that with the major focus on the language part,meanwhile contribute a little time improving the game functions.


If duolingo makes a open API to retrieve questions and skills, then third parties would be able to make games out of it. But at the current time, it is not possible.


Ah!This never occurred to me. But will that be an extra expense on buying the room to store the uploaded data?I mean,duo certainly want the data themselves right?I'm not familiar with this,just wondering.


The data is still in Duolingo side. What I mean is that Duolingo could open his platform to the outside and let third parties use its data to their own apps, like Twitter does.

But this seems pretty unlikely. Opening to third party apps create a risk, especially for a non lucrative business such as Duolingo. Maybe in the late future, but I won't be counting on it.


I also mean open to third parties.Just worried that the data amount might cost so much

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