Next stage

Having completed the Scottish Gaelic tree where do I go in Duolingo to get to the next stage of my learning or is that it ?

June 19, 2020


There's an active group on Facebook for Duolingo Scottish Gaelic with lots of additional resources to continue your learning after the course.

Feasgar math a Dhòmhnaill! Work on the part two is well under way. I would recommend in the meantime. It's a great resource.

I'm happy to see that a MacAonghais is so involved with this course. I'm a MacInnes on my mother's side. I'm learning Gaelic to reconnect with my heritage on that side. I'm from Nova Scotia and the language is dieing there, I certainly hope to be part of the revival. It was the first language of my great-grandparents, my grandmother only knowing a few phrases, my mother none.

I wish you every success! I have heard great things about the Gaelic community in Nova Scotia.

That’s it. If you haven’t done so already, you can go back and level up all your skills to crown level 5. There are also plans to expand the course sometime in the near future, but no estimated release date has been given.

I wonder too. There are hints that the course will be extended in future but in the meantime I intend to continue to maintain Duo Gaelic while learning on the extensive LearnGaelic website. Also, how is it possible to finish the Gaelic course and end up with nearly 64000 xp like one Gaelic learner?

I too have finished and revised the current programme. Is there more scheduled? Elsa

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