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  5. "The newspapers are small."

"The newspapers are small."

Translation:De kranten zijn klein.

August 2, 2014



So dutch adjectives do not change with number?


Normally they do. In this sentence though, 'klein' is a predicate adjective and therefore the adjective doesn't get the -e. (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3888221)


So is that kind of like the 'accusative' case of the adjective?


No. Predicative just means that the adjective is used after a verb (usually a form of be). Dutch adjectives do not change at all when they are predicative, for example in "It is big" het is groot and "they are big" zij zijn groot

When adjectives are used before a noun (to modify the noun directly), they are called attributive, and then you must sometimes add an -e as described by the rules in the Tips & Notes and in the discussion linked to above.


So when it's attributive, add e on the adjective and when it's predicative, don't add it???


Yes! Unless it's an indefinite "het" noun (e.g. een huis).

As I gather, this is the only exception to adding the attributive -e.


I wish I had known that!


I cant access the link above with the explanation.


Why not kleine, but klein?


Because 'newspapers' is noun and it is coming before the adjective 'small'. So,it should be klein,the word will not end with -e but maybe it can change in some cases like when there is het word or plural. I m not that much good in explaining but maybe this can help you. (Or maybe i can be wrong)

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