"A cleaner is in the school."

Translation:Tha glanadair anns an sgoil.

June 19, 2020

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Does glanadair share its etymology with janitor? They sound very similar to me...


The similarity is coincidental: glanadair is an agent noun derivation from glan 'clean (both as a verb and adjective)' so quite literally a 'cleaner', while English janitor is a borrowing, derived from Latin iānitor, a similarly agentive formation from iānua 'door' → 'doorkeeper'.


It is probably in the tips somewhere but what is the relationship between "anns an" and "san"? A contraction?


Yep. The word san is being taught in Tree 2, so it's been added to the hints. I can't guarantee that it will be accepted for all the sentences in Tree 1, but if you try and use it and it doesn't get accepted, submit a report and we'll add it to the accepted translations :)


Question: if the cleaner had been in a shop instead of in a school, would 'san' then be 'sam'... or anns am bùth?

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