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Kérdések angolul

Please excuse me for posting this here. There is no Hungarian for English speakers discussion section.

I use two study-books along with the reverse course to study Hungarian. I have a question about something that came up. In English, a dictionary is understand to be a book that gives the definition of English words. The words are in English, and the definitions are in English. (Target Language)-English books exists, which don't show the definition, but the translation of the word in the other language, but those books MUST be specified as a (RANDOM LANGUAGE)-ENGLISH dictionary. If ONLY the word "dictionary" is used, it is understood to be a book entirely in English that shows the words in English and gives the definitions in English.

This is my question: does this word the same way in Hungarian? One of the books I use gives this dialogue.

"A könyv egy magyar-angol szótár."

So is the word "szótár" used for a book that gives definitions to words IN HUNGARIAN, or translations of Hungarian words in OTHER LANGUAGES?

I was also given the word "tábla," which my book calls a "(black)board." Notice how "black" is in parenthesis. So is a "tábla." any type of board; is it usually a blackboard? Please explain this word to me.

Nagyon szépen köszönöm.

August 2, 2014

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"Szótár" means dictionary. It can be any kind of dictionaries.

  • "Angol-magyar szótár" = dictionary in which English words are in alphabetical order and Hungarian translations are given.
  • "Magyar-angol szótár" = dictionary in which Hungarian words are in alphabetical order and English translations are given.
  • "Szuahéli-mongol szótár" = dictionary which Swahili words are in alphabetical order and Mongolian translations are given.

I hope this one is clear ;)

"Tábla" can be any type of board, including blackboards (the color of which is quite usually green in Hungary anyway). A similarly sounding English word is "table" but that is "asztal" in Hungarian.

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