"Ton pull est moche, mais celui de Léo est joli."

Translation:Your sweater is ugly, but Léo's is pretty.

June 20, 2020

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Hurray, I can be rude en français~!


I guess that's truly an obvious cultural difference between the U.S. and France. I am wondering if this kind of boldness is also ok in other EU countries?


I don't think this is socially acceptable anywhere. But it is how friends talk in every language. It's a part of social life and maybe a little humorous. I don't mind studying it in moderation.


My translation was not accepted, possibly for cultural reasons. As Scot I would very rarely use the word 'ugly' to descibe clothes; I'd prefer 'horrible' if I want to be really blunt! : ) And maybe I'm old fashioned, but I would never use 'pretty' to describe male clothing. 'Nice' was not accepted.


I am Australian and totally agree with you


Y is celui de omitted in translation


my question too - I have tried reporting it.see my comment below


Why is " Your sweater is ugly but the one of Léo is pretty" wrong?


I put 'Your jumper is ugly, but Leo's one is pretty' and was marked incorrect. I thought having the 'celui' meant that 'one' should have been accepted. So I have reported it - Dec 2021. Of course, happy to take advice on my error (I realise no one would say a jumper is pretty)

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