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  5. "He lives between us."

"He lives between us."

Translation:Hij woont tussen ons in.

August 3, 2014



Is it necessary to put "in" at the end of the sentence, or can I just say "Hij woont tussen ons."?


It is not necessary.


Why do you need "in" at the end of the sentence? (:


Could a native speaker (or someone who knows) please explain how the "in" works, if it's not necessary? Is there any difference, maybe a subtle one?


There's an explanation about Dutch prepositions here.

As a native English speaker, from what I gather "in" is used like "in" in English. It's not mandatory but I think if you want to add emphasis that the subject is in between the object, you can add it :)

For example:

  • Zij staat tussen de auto en de tuin in.

She is in between the car and the garden

Here, you're saying that she is specifically in between the car and the garden. Whereas if you drop the in, it's roughly saying she is somewhere between the two. This is what I gather from having been learning Dutch for quite a while now, so please don't quote me on it as I'm not a native but it's my interpretation (I still recommend reading the explanation that I have linked about Dutch prepositions) :)

Does that help? :)


Yes, thank you, this is very helpful!


Is "He woont tussen ons" incorrect? I thought "He" was emphatic "hij".


Hij doesn't have an unstressed form like jij, jou, wij, zij and mij


Why is not "bij ons"? in a previous sentence I saw that "Het kind woont bij de vrouw" was correct.


"bij ons" would be "with us", while "tussen ons" is "between us"

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