"Je suis en colère, personne ne m'a encore servi !"

Translation:I'm angry; no one has served me yet!

June 20, 2020

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'No one has yet served me' is just as acceptable in English as 'no one has served me yet.'


But the latter, with 'yet' at the end, is much more common.


KeithWalde2's point was about whether it is a correct translation - which it is.


I am unsure about how good a grasp Duolingo has of colloquial English!. it is often super rigid about its translations.


This is talking in the present about something that has not yet happened. Passe compose is used. Is that correct? Does it look good to a native speaker?


Oui passé composé on ne m'a pas encore servi est le seul temps correct ici


I am angry, nobody's even served me. I reported that it should be accepted


Duo's contraction algorithm probably cannot handle both "nobody is" and "nobody has" and quite possibly neither. Best avoided.

It is almost certainly being interpreted (erroneously) as a possessive.


i think 'i'm angry still noone has served me' should have been accepted


DeepL will not accept that as a valid translation. I think it's right, "encore" is modifying "servir", not "personne" and not the whole sentence.


"Servie" is not accepted in the "Type the missing word" exercise. Reported.

I don't know whether the "Type what you hear" exercise is also affected.

Sitesurf, can you confirm that I am correct that "me" is a Preceding Direct Object, not an Indirect Object and therefore a feminine speaker would require agreement.

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