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  5. "Het regent niet."

"Het regent niet."

Translation:It is not raining.

August 3, 2014



Does this sentence mean it's not raining "currently," or that it doesn't rain at all?

August 3, 2014


It can mean both.

August 3, 2014


Should the First syllable rhyme with "de" (as it sounds on my tablet) or should it rhyme with the first syllable of "lepel"? Sounds wrong to me.

September 4, 2016


Yes, the 'e' in the first syllable should indeed sound like the 'e' in lepel! But I must add that there is also a synonym of the word 'regent' that is actually pronounced the way this guy says it. I suppose the other meaning of the word is the same as the english word 'regent' (so like a ruler or something I'm actually not quite sure what a regent is in either dutch or english to be honest), but obviously this meaning of the word 'regent' doesn't make sense in the sentence since it would be a noun.

December 20, 2016


Is it normal to completely swallow the 'r' sound in regent like he does here?

July 31, 2016


The 'r' is not swallowed. Listen closely! But emphasis must be on the first syllable: RE-gent instead of re-GENT.

June 29, 2017
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