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Weird changing of words

Hey all, this is going to sound like I am making excuses or something but has happened way too often to be typo's. Sometimes, when I write an answer, it will be marked wrong and the crossed out word in my answer not be what I typed. Usually its a small difference. For instance, I may write C'est but it will claim that I wrote C'ests. I just had one when I was translating from french to english. I wrote "eat" but it claimed I wrote "heat". H isn't even close on the keyboard to E.

At first I thought I was just making silly typo's, but since I have been so careful and read back what I write, I know its not typo's but the program actually changing it.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I write about it here as I could not see a way to report it as a problem directly.

(P.S, This isn't a huge problem, I am loving Duolingo and am amazed this is free!! The amount of work involved in this site would be huge, so grateful to the developers.)

May 12, 2013

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Checked that you don't have some kind of autocorrect turned on?

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