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  5. "Tha i a-staigh."

"Tha i a-staigh."

Translation:She is inside.

June 20, 2020



I can't understand anything this guy says for the life of me.


Took a little getting used to, but I find him quite clear now.


How do I know whether this means "it" or "she"? I guess 50/50 but I am usually wrong. Its inside or she is inside. ?? I know people say context but they both make sense to me. Not just this sentence but usually anything that uses "i"


There's actually no meaningful difference, so they should both make sense to you. :) In English, 'it' is a gender neutral pronoun we use for inanimate objects but think of an exception, like when you refer to a ship. You might say "it" but you could just as easily say "she" since in the West we traditionally apply the feminine pronoun to ships. "She is taking on cargo. She is sailing to Scotland." That's how it is all the time in languages that have only feminine and masculine gender.


They usually accept either one. If they don't, it's a mistake; click the little flag and choose "my answer should have been accepted."

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