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why are there so few tips for the harder lessons in Hindi?

I am on level 3 learning under Modals and there are no tips. The verb tenses are new and difficult, but there are no tips for them. Academic scholars Hamid Ekbia and Bonnie Nardi call it "heteromation" (as opposed to automation) when systems like duolingo expect users to teach other (supply free labor) rather than supplying content for them. I get it that duolingo is free, but the ads provide them with a revenue stream and I have invested considerable time in this app getting this far. I think if duolingo is going to say that you can learn Hindi here, they need to provide tips with each lesson. I am also learning French, and the content there (stories, podcasts) is much greater. I imagine many more users are learning French than are learning Hindi, but I think the base level ought to be supplying tips before just springing complicated verb tenses on learners.

June 20, 2020



Hi. I'm from India and I know Hindi language. I think I might help you what do you want to know...


thanks! I can find what I need to know online, but my larger point is that I want duolingo to provide this information, not users like you. I am wondering if anyone else is unhappy with the thinness of tips in Hindi in duolingo. I gave you a lingo for your generosity, thanks.


I agree that this is a real issue.

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