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  5. "Kamu mendengar seorang anak."

"Kamu mendengar seorang anak."

Terjemahan:You hear a child.

August 3, 2014

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Beda listen sama hear apa ya?


We use hear to mean simply that sounds come into our ears. It may not be deliberate. As soon as we wake up and walk around, we hear things.

  • I heard a knock at the door.
  • I suddenly heard a loud noise.
  • Can you speak louder please? I can't hear you.

When we listen, we try to hear. We pay attention and try to understand every sound.

  • Listen! Is someone crying?
  • Listen to this song. Can you understand the words?
  • I'm listening but I can't hear anything.

When we use listen with an object, we say listen + to + object, for example:

  • John is listening to the radio.

Hear or Listen (to) for radio, concerts, talks, lectures etc?

In general, we use hear for public performances and listen for non-public performances.

  • We went to hear the President's big speech last night.
  • I heard Madonna singing "Like A Virgin" at the concert.
  • Do you ever listen to the radio in your car?
  • Have you listened to that recording I sent you?

Source :
http://www.englishclub.com/vocabulary/cw-hear-listen.htm http://englishonline.blogdetik.com/2009/11/22/perbedaan-listen-dan-hear/comment-page-1/


Klo hear di tengah klo listen di belakang. Kata nya sama. Artinya sama


Karna subjeknya I you they we, kalo subjeknya she he it baru menggunakan s dibelakang kata kerja


The english translation is standard but the indonesian translation is so bad that sometime its end up with no meaning or just not right


Kenapa hear nya ga pake s?


You hear a child kok salah ya?


Udah benar. Kenapa disalahin?


The reason is very good. I accept it.


Yeah i agree, indonesian translation so bad. Karena saya orang indonesia, jadi saya tau... Yeah i'm indonesian

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