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  5. "Du sprichst schnell."

"Du sprichst schnell."

Translation:You are speaking quickly.

August 3, 2014



How do you pronounce "sprichst"?


I minimize the Duolingo web site to half my Browser screen, then open Google translate on the other half. That way I can hear an alternate speaker (I have a hard time understanding the woman on this web site and have to have a lot of words repeated, plus I have cheap headphones). But, by also having Google translate open, I can type in what I think I'm supposed to translate on Duolingo without being penalized (corrections down below shown in RED) so the lesson goes faster.


Like schpriechst (i'm native)


Hard to pronounce !


You speak fastly? Duo didn't accept it. Can some1 explain me the difference between the answers? Is it wrong just cuz I've used an adverb?


fastly is not a word. It 's made up in the English language I don't think you'd find it in a dictionary


In English, there is no adverb "fastly". "Fast" can be an adjective or an adverb, while "quick" is an adjective and "quickly" is an adverb.

  • That is a fast car; I need to have a quick chat with you - adjective
  • I walk fast to work every day; Do you eat quickly or slowly? - adverb


You speaking fast, should work too


Why you speaks quickly doest work?

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