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"Are we going to bring the dog with us?"

Translation:Est-ce que nous allons emmener le chien avec nous ?

June 21, 2020



the incorrect use of "bring" in English simply grates!!!!! take it should be


Why doesn't it accept amener for bring?


There is frequent confusion about emmener/amener on Duolingo. This is not helped by a random use of bring/take in the English sentences. For me the English sentence should say ‘take’ not ‘bring’. The person about to set off would say ‘Are we going to take the dog?’ The person who will receive them as visitors would say ‘Are you going to bring the dog?’

The essential difference between these two words is that bring implies movement towards someone or something: Bring your instrument with you when you come over. Whereas take implies movement away from someone or something. Take your belongings with you when you’re leaving.



Required emmener but declined amener but first suggestion is amener. 11/08/20


"On va emmener le chien avec nous" was accepted.


I was given the English. Why can't o day nous allons emmener le s chien avec nous? It corrected me to est-ce que...


other sentences i've been marked wrong for not including y in front of emmener; apparently there is an implied location that we can skip over in english but not in french. but here it marks me wrong for

nous allons y emmener le chien avec nous ?

can someone explain ?


"y" means "there", so "I'm going there." would be "J'y vais.". You have to use it in questions when the destination is known like "Ton ami veut aller a la piscine, tu peux l'y amener?" -> "Your friend want's to go to the pool, can you bring him there?" In this case you don't use it because it doesn't say "Are we going to bring the dog THERE with us?". If it did you would then have to use y, but it only says "Are we going to bring the dog with us?" so you don't use y.


Question for a francophone:

Since "emmener" has the sense of 'bringing someone with you', is adding "avec nous" obligatory? I.e. can we say "Allons-nous emmener le chien?" and arrive at the same meaning?

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