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"Il ne mange que des biscuits anglais à la vanille."

Translation:He only eats vanilla English cookies.

June 21, 2020



I believe that the translation is not grammatically correct in that the word 'English' should be before vanilla. The reason being is that the operative statement (or the subject matter) is that the vanilla biscuits he eats are only English ones. Points of view are sought here?


I agree. The order of English adjectives is illustrated by this sentence - A lovely, large, antique, round, black, Spanish, wooden mixing bowl. Origin comes before material. Duo’s sentence is weird anyway. What on Earth are English vanilla cookies? (By the way, I’m English.)


It could be some English biscuits in vanilla flavour, I suppose.


I'm with you: definitely 'English' before 'vanilla'. And, yes, 'English vanilla cookies'!?! Not with my cup of tea! (I too am a Brit.)


Agree 100%, that was my translation. The 'ne ....... que' part of this section is throwing up some weird English!


I think as this section is new that they have not added English words in their solutions (translations) but only American ones. Cookies are, I believe, biscuits to us English folk


I agree to.the order but also if they are english then they would be biscuits not cookies. cookies is an americanism.


It should be, he only eats English vanilla cookies

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