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"Comme d'habitude, Léa m'a offert de belles fleurs."

Translation:As usual, Léa gave me some beautiful flowers.

June 21, 2020



I get the assumption that "belles fleurs" is plural here, because of the keyword "de" or "some". But is there a way to tell the difference between hearing "belles fleurs" and "belle fleur" ? The audio did not make the s sound or even "liasoned" the s sound after "belles". I hope this makes sense, and appreciate any insights. :)


The singular would be "une belle fleur" and "une" is clearly distinguishable from "de".


Why is « offrir » here translated as "give"? When A offers, it does not necessarily come that B accepts the offer in order to be considered that A gave something.


French uses offrir as give in the context of giving presents. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/offrir


Why is it "de" and not "des"?


"... offered me..." accepted


'As PER usual Lea gave me some beautiful flowers' is a perfectly good translation, no? I know the per isn't referenced, but if you translate it into English that's what I would say.

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