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Problems with app on IOS even after update.

Hello, I updated my mobile applications (iPhone/iPad) yesterday and the system even sent me a message that I can now learning Dutch there. Nevertheless I am still stuck with the message saying that my learning language is not available yet on mobile apps suggesting I learn another language. Funny thing is that my Dutch tree is right behind the message but I cannot get to it. It is clearly a bug, how can we report it?

August 3, 2014



We do not really know what's going on and really can't help users who are experiencing technical issues. I would therefore advise you to move this thread to the general troubleshooting forum. There, Duolingo staff will be able to help you out.

You can move your thread by selecting 'edit' and changing the topic to 'troubleshooting'.

Good luck :)


Is the message explicitly stating that you can learn on your iPhone/ipad, or is it just an email saying that the course is in beta? (which should have been send weeks ago - but I don't think I ever received mine)...


Duolingo tells us in "What's New" section in App-store if a new language has been added. I see only bug fixes and enhancements in "What's New" section. I am Learning Dutch and I don't see Dutch in the list in the app also.


but the fact is that behind the message window saying that dutch is not available I have now my Dutch tree..


Not on my iPhone. The screen that shows( for a second) is of the language I practiced last time on my phone. e.g. Spanish tree showed,although I studied Dutch last time on a PC. After that it says,"The language pair you are currently learning, Dutch (Netherlands) from English, is not yet supported on mobile.


It may be a software glitch. Dutch will be supported in a major future update. Probably that update would also include Danish and Irish as they are almost ready for a beta. See version history in the App Store. Duolingo always notifies in "What's New" if a new language course is added.


I have the same problem on iOS 12.1. The dancing bird appears with the tidbit of trivia, remains on screen for over a minute and now crashes. This started 24 Nov. 2018. Please fix this bug or provide a way to turn off the gif.

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