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"Nos pizzas étaient bonnes, on les a déjà finies."

Translation:Our pizzas were good, we already finished them.

June 21, 2020



I think there ought to be 'have' between "we already"


I think in the US you can say "we already finished them". It would be wrong in the UK, but Duo is an American app, and teaches American English.


Yes, in the USA that may well be common parlance. I should make clear that I was referring to English as spoken in the UK.


Was it marked as incorrect?


I agree. I'm in the US and I put have in there and was marked incorrect.


Is it common in French to switch from "nous" to "on" in the same sentence?


It's not uncommon. Here using "nous" would have been ok too, emphasizing a bit more that they have finished. Sticking to "on" would not have been possible because there is no possessive form of it.


Thanks for the clarification Geo, I hadn't noticed that! :-)


C'est exactement ma question!


Is it important to use them at the end of the sentence?


I think they mean similar things, but the "les" in the sentence implies we've specifically finished the pizzas (them), so I think it's necessary.


Perhaps the most tragic sentence ever.


Finies, why feminine? Is pizza feminine?


BjrnLycke - yes, pizza is feminine.


It's from italian, and it's "unA pizza" in Italian, so yeah.


I wrote, "nous les avons déjà finies" not accepted; should be accepted, in fact I wrote the same a little while before it was accepted


Provided that you are not doing the dictation exercise which has on in it of course.


It can only have been a dictation exercise. The EN→FR exercise does not attach to this forum page.


SInce pizza is an uncountable noun, "Our pizza was good, we have already finished it" should be accepted.


"Pizza" is not an uncountable noun, it's a countable/uncountable noun.


Shouldn't I hear an "s" in the dictation at the end of "pizzas"?


The liaison is not required.


I wrote word for word, letter for letter the exact same thing Duolingo gave as the right answer. My answer was "Our pizzas were good, we already finished them." Duolingos was "Our pizzas were good, we already finished them." I got marked wrong anyway. I am losing my actual mind.

What am I doing wrong. I mean I get that this app is unifinished and we the "users" are really just unpaid beta testers. I see the little "report" button. I know you want me to send "My answer should be accepted". Then over time you'll have a product that actually works, that you can advertise as like, the result of millions of users crowdsourced efforts to yadda yadda yadda.

But for the love of God can you please hire a team to look for these errors. Surely you as a company can afford it by now. Like your way, when you put it in fancy buzzwords, maybe sounds impressive and innovative to your fellow self-aggrandizing tech mongrels, but for the love of God please, think about what you're doing, don't torture your users like this, we haven't done anything to you


Why is it finies with avoir?


Because the Direct Object, "les" = "nos pizzas", precedes the verb the past participle needs to be feminine plural in agreement.


Thanks, I've learnt something new! It feels odd because finies seems to be acting as an adjective rather than matching 'on'.


It certainly does not match "on". It should eventually become clear that the only verbs that agree with their subject are the score or so verbs which conjugate with "être".

Reflexive verbs actually agree with their Preceding Direct Object, but because the Subject also agrees with the Preceding Direct Object it is easy to be fooled into thinking that they agree with their Subject. It holds true the vast majority of the time.


I'm aware of the "être" and reflexives agreeing which is why I was confused with this being avoir. So I get the rule now and that's very interesting about reflexives actually agreeing with the PDO. Thank you!


Oh, this English is getting worse and worse - it is garbage

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